Trying to expand your business? Stop shelling out your hard-earned cash expensive platforms and try Facebook. Although it’s a socializing platform, its population and convenience have led to the creation of tons of virtual stores on it.

Over time it has become a necessity, especially for new businesses to expose their business to a wider audience. Since users spend over 40 minutes on Facebook on average, what could be a better option!

How Do Facebook Shops Function?

Facebook has currently rolled out its ‘shop’ feature, making Facebook shop pages more shoppable and convenient. It allows you to edit your Facebook Page shop’s outlook, giving the appearance of a website form where you can directly check out without being redirected to another web page.


What Can You Do On Your Facebook Page?

The great part about setting up a Facebook store is that you do not need a pre-existing business; instead, you can start there from scratch. The following are some more benefits

  • You can add countless products
  • Categorize your products into collections
  • Directly communicate with your customers
  • Keep a track of your business activities, sales, revenues, and visitors
  • Enjoy Facebook Marketplace exposure for better leads and potential customers.   

What Do You Need To Set Up A Facebook Store?

Here are four things you need to get your Facebook store running.

  • Be the admin of a business page
  • Have a product or service to sell
  • Agreement to Facebook’s merchant conditions
  • Confirmation from Facebook to set up Facebook Shops

How to Set Up Your Facebook Shop?

Once you have everything in place, you are all set to start your Facebook Shop. Follow the steps below. 

Create Facebook Commerce Manager’s Account

If you do not already have an account with the Manager, this is how you can have it. Open the Commerce Manager page, select ‘start selling’, which will take you to another page with two other options to choose from, ‘get started’ and ‘get started for Facebook’. If you already have an E-Commerce shop on other platforms you can connect it to your Facebook store by clicking ‘get started’. However, if you are starting from Facebook you need to choose’ get started on Facebook’.  

Once done, you’ll be directed to a new page with three different steps. Start by giving your business details and move on to other requirements.

Set Up A Collection

To make each category easily accessible you need to set up collections. Each category goes by a separate name based on 20 characters and even emojis. Give your collection a quick description for the visitors to easily identify. Add images of each item you wish to add in the collection. Follow the same steps to set up more collections.

Customize Your Shop

This new Facebook Shops feature enables you to customize the storefront the way you want and not like any other Facebook page. You can access this feature at Commerce Manager under ‘shop’ where you get the option to ‘edit’ it. There you can set a personalized layout and style.

Publish Your Shop

Publishing is the final step to make your Facebook store public. Preview your store before publishing it to see if you have to make any changes. Once you have published, Facebook will take 24 hours to review your store before opening it to the public.

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