Your Questions, Answered…

What is the difference between white label and private label?

Private label is we create a formula that you own, White label is when you use our existing formula and brand them with your image.

How long does private/white label projects take?

Private label products can take 4-6 weeks, and white label can take 2-3 weeks.

What makes your formulas different from other private label labs?

First, is the fact we offer both custom formulas and existing formals to brand. But unlike other company’s where their formulas is set and that’s how you have to brand it, we let you customize your white label product by scent, concern and vegan alternative.

Do you offer design services? And different packaging?

Yes, we can design a logo, label, website, marketing materials, infographics, whatever your brand needs to be successful.

As for packaging we have access to over 100 different options such as plastic, glass, airless, bamboo and custom.

Can I bring my own formula?

Yes,we offer contract manufacturing, and can run it in units or bulk pales/drums.

What are your Minimum order quantities?

For white label, its 240 units and for custom private label orders its 500, and for Bulk,Bring your own formulas its (1) 5-gallon pale.

Do you offer samples of your products? Or can you run samples of my existing formulas?

Yes, we offer branded samples for a fee. We also offer a sample engagement for your own formula. That engagement provides (4) full size samples or (10) Minis.

Where are you located? And Do you make your products in the USA?

Our lab is located in Pompton Plains, New jersey (USA), with all products being created on site.

What guidelines do you follow?

We follow strict cGMP, OSHA, and CDC guidelines.

How does your dropping shipping work?

After you run your order with us, we assume the order into our fulfillment center. We integrate with your website and begin fulfilling your orders.

We charge by the number of packages shipped.

Do you work with Amazon brands?

Yes, we are very familiar with the FBA process and can assist with the process. From topical approval to packaging requirements.


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