Embody Your Brand

The mission behind our private label formulation is to help empower entrepreneurs and distributors to turn their vision into reality. Whether it’s one product or an entire line our goal is create a formula that embodies your brand’s spirit and image.

Skincare is personal and all about the experience. At Bellus we work with you to hone every detail of your private label dream, from the scent, to the way the bottle looks & pumps. We embrace each private label client with a white glove approach from launch to finish. Whether its sourcing exotic extracts or building a social media marketing strategy we have you covered. Email us for a free private label consult. 

The Process

Understand your Brand

– Meet and Great
– Understand your vision
– Think Tank Session


– Outline & Agree on Timeline
– Formulary 101
– Scenting Workshop
– Compliance overview


– Pick Formulas
– Decide Qty Run Rates
– Bottle & Label Design Sessions
– Packaging
– Marketing & Sales planning


– Source Bottles / Packaging
– Manufacuring Batches
– Testing – Efficacy, Shelf-life etc.
– Blind Study (optional)
– Begin Marketing Strategy

Knowledge Transfer

– Product Knowledge
– Sales Features & Benefits
– Re order cadence