The Importance of Fresh Skin

They say the first impression is the last. So, when someone looks at you the first thing they see is your face. Over time, people have become very conscious of how their skin looks. We are today the part of a world that places too much focus on the skin looking young, fresh, and glowing to the point that these standards have become impossible to achieve.

Add in Instagram filters and everyone is in a rat race to look good so that they can feel good. Our world has become a world of impressions. 

The Newest Skincare Trend

The newest skincare trend that is here is Pyscho-aromatherapy. It is using essential oils to achieve certain moods and emotions. The essential oils are either inhaled in this therapy is directly through infusion or can directly be applied to the skin as well.

Many pieces of research are being done to understand the impact these essential oils can have on the skin and inflammation problems that it often has to deal with. Pyscho-aromatherapy is aromatherapy with added benefits and new layers of profound researches that make it authentic and trustworthy.  


How Pyscho-aromatherapy works with Brain

Science has long observed the connections between scents and emotions. Different scents can evoke different emotions in the human brain. We have olfactory receptors inside our nose that can receive sensory stimuli whether we are aware or not. The trigger electrochemical signals via neurons that affect the place called memory center in our brain. This is how scents maintain a powerful connection with emotions. 

Pyscho-aromatherapy and Skin

Our skin is a complex neurological system in the nervous structures. Now researches claim that our skin also can feel through the olfactory receptors that have been found in the epidermal layer of skin. Chronic skin conditions can leave an extremely harmful impact on the psychological health of the person. Pyscho-aromatherapy has become the latest tool through which comfort can be provided to those living with skin conditions.  

Through Pyscho-aromatherapy doctors can treat skin conditions like psoriasis, aging, and acne. Skin conditions are hugely related to stress. And can aggravate due to an increase in stress. Stress can also become a factor of slow healing as the skin takes more time than usual to heal. The way Pyscho-aromatherapy works is that it deals with anxiety and depression, while simultaneously healing the inflammation problems in the skin.

Doctors are realizing that the root cause of the skin problems rarely lies in one direct point. An amalgamation of things leads up to these problems. Hence the solution also is multifaceted – correcting the lifestyle and eating healthy while also easing away from anxiety and stress. One invaluable source of nature here is to use the healing properties of Pyscho-aromatherapy to treat the skin and the body.

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