Amazon is a widely used online shopping website for electronics, apparel, and whatnot. While it is very easy to become a seller on amazon it is extremely to survive due to the high competition. The huge variety of alternatives and substitutes makes it difficult to maintain sales so in this article we will discuss some tips and tricks which might come handy for new amazon sellers or those who are planning to start selling through Amazon.



Pricing is a very important factor as most of the customers are price sensitive and due to the availability of many substitutes and alternatives, businesses need to price the product according to the competitors or even less than that to have a chance of surviving in the market.

amazon skincare business


Managing inventory levels

Since skincare products are not a single time use and people will return to buy the product from time to time. Therefore, the business needs to manage the inventory levels so that businesses don’t lose any potential customers, especially in the initial stages.


Take good quality pictures

It is very essential to upload HD quality pictures of your product. This gives a sense of reliability to the customers and they are more likely to shop from such a business as compared to some informal pictures which show a lack of seriousness and professionalism. Moreover, there are some guidelines of amazon regarding the quality and size of the photos so be sure to check that as well.


Provide complete information and warnings 

Skincare products may react to different people in different ways due to their skin or any existing conditions. Thus, the business needs to inform about any potential harms the product can do if not used correctly. This will also show that the business cares for its customers and eliminate any risk of legal charges.

amazon skincare business


Fulfillment by Amazon

FBA is a service offered by Amazon in which they fulfill your orders for you. When selling a skincare product, a seller should highly consider using FBA. It is convenient for the seller and most importantly fast delivery can give an edge over the competitors.

On the other hand, if you are not able to deliver the product on time, customers will not be happy and might not purchase the product next time. 



The initial stage is the most difficult and most of the business fails in this period due to negative cashflows but to enter a market and build a customer base, it is necessary to offer them something. Skincare products are something that can easily take the shape of a bundle.

So the business can have bundle offers etc. In this way, customers will be happy that they are getting discounts and business will be happy because they sold a greater number of products in the promotion which the customer wouldn’t have bought separately.

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