The growing skincare and cosmetics industry has made it ultra-challenging for new businesses to enter and penetrate the market. The tougher consumer demands are not helping either. Launching and marketing new brands in market scenarios like these require creative and unique strategies that’d set new grounds for the customers to excitedly explore. 

Here are a few marketing tips for new skincare brands to make a prominent and distinctive mark on its customers without burning their profit-expense ledgers. 


Create a Community

The most reliable and fruitful form of marketing is word of mouth. Consumers believe in what their friends and family tell them from their experiences rather than a marketer’s claims of its products. After all who devalues their own products! 

Therefore, build a community of customers who’d relate to your brand and share a positive experience of your products. Social media serves to be the best platform for such communities where people can freely share their experiences, tips, and reviews with others. Invest in these communities and strengthen your relationship with these customers. Offer them deals and discounts for their loyalty and contribution. 


Jump to Content Marketing 

Content marketing is among the most beneficial marketing strategies these days. Using engaging and relatable content for your target audience can attract more customers on various online platforms, encouraging them to try out your products. The most common types of marketing content for skincare brands are 

  • How-tos: create skincare tutorials 
  • Newsletters: send special offers and promotions 
  • Live videos: interact with your customers and deliver your brand message 

Try Out Social Listening 

There are eavesdropping software applications that allow you to search what people are talking about your brand or related products. Mention and Brand24 are examples of such applications. Type your desired keywords like ‘skincare’ or your brand’s name and let the software compile the results. You can use the results to know your audience’s preferences and requirements without directly asking them. 

Create a Brand Story 

Customers are likely to connect to a brand that proudly shares its human side. You can share the story or the dream that led to this brand. State your mission and what positive changes your brand aims to make in the industry. Though this works both ways; the brand can easily get its target audience and the audience can find a reliable brand.   

Collaborate with Hotels And Influencers 

Contracting tangential businesses like hotels, saloons, spas will help you expand your distribution channels. It also accredits your products and builds the public’s trust in them.    

Moreover, according to Forbes, skincare and makeup bloggers and influencers that are seen as experts have a powerful impact on their audience’s purchase decision. Collaborating with them helps you easily spread the word about your product, which considerably increases your sales.

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