Influencers are more credible than celebrity endorsement, according to research by Alessia Vettese, a Harvard Business School graduate. Featured in Forbes, her research concluded that young consumers prefer to get in touch with experienced users online and get their specific queries answered personally.

This shift is giving a hard time for most old players in the industry, but on the other hand, it has paved a way for influencers’ success. In 2017, about $2 billion was spent on influencer marketing globally. It skyrocketed to $8 billion in 2019. According to Business Insider Intelligence, it is further expected to increase to up to $15 billion in a couple of years.

Needless to say, for skincare and cosmetics brands, influencer marketing is crucial from the very beginning. However, if you are not sure how to do it, read through.

Find an Influencer

Finding genuine influencers from a ton of fake ones is the first challenge in influencer marketing. Just to clarify, fake influencers buy likes and shares, hence they aren’t reliable. Therefore, start with finding relevant influencers then sort out the real ones through monitoring their activities and discussions. If they have active followers that reach out to them publicly and are satisfied with what they get in return, go for them.  

One way to find relevant beauty influencers is through hashtag analysis. Use hashtags relating to your brands, sort through the results for influencer’s profiles. Once you have the list, check their content and user engagement to analyze their performance and credibility.

You can also use hashtag-search tools like Hashtagify that show the best influencers for any hashtag, which makes it easy for you to sort. Platforms like Grin are also great for this task. These are full-fledged influential marketing platforms that not only assist you in influencer research but also enable you to manage all the relevant dealings and campaigns. You can use them to track the success of each project for further planning and investment. 

Decide the Type of Campaign to Run

Before approaching an influencer, decide the type of campaign you want them to do. Some of them are specific in their area while others are flexible. Here are the different types of campaigns you have to choose from


Most beauty influencers use how-to tutorials in the form of videos and blogs to subtly promote products while showing different methods to use them. Influencers post descriptions and pictures of these products for their audience to easily get to the products.


If you want the influencers to turn the spotlight on your products you need to go with this method. While creating favorites, beauty influencers strongly emphasize on one or multiple products, sharing their experience of the products, product benefits, and cons.  


Routines form a more natural approach to product promotion. Motivated by the influencer’s skin or the mutuality struggles like pimples, acne, etc., people tend to ask them their skincare routines. It enables them to encourage people to follow a similar routine while promoting your products.


Giveaways generate a massive engagement. They attract an audience like nothing else. They have different criteria to enter the giveaway, some may ask for tags while others would want a repost. They may even require their followers to make a video or take a picture for better publicity.

They announce the winner at the end of the giveaway to whom the product or service is then gifted. if they end up liking your product you have a new customer.

Depending on the current market scenarios, you need an aggressive approach to penetrate the market for increased ROI. Beauty influencers grant you the needed boost at any step. Find out relevant and credible influencers and discuss the type of campaign you want to run. However, do not solely depend upon influencer instead infuse it with other approaches for faster results.

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