Clean Beauty Starter Set


Clean Beauty Starter Set



Clean Beauty Starter Set

Whether you’re a first timer or clean beauty connoisseur this set will excite your soul. This bundle works together to enhance your skin health and promote trans-dermal nourishment, hydration, and skin cell regeneration. One of our key Ingredients emu oil has been used in skin healing for over 40,000 years. With the ability to penetrate the skins protective barrier & not just sit on the top dead layer, expect results FAST. This pack includes all 4 products and come in 2 sizes 5ml set or Full size…

  • Moisturizing Facial Oil (5ml | 30ml)
  • Rose Facial Cleanser (5ml | 4oz)
  • Body Butter Concentrate (5ml | 2oz)
  • Salty Body Scrub (5ml | 4oz)

Bellus believes in creating luxurious, Minimalist products that are safe for all skin types and are made with no more than 6 of the highest quality 100% all natural ingredients.


    • Thickens Skin to Reduce Wrinkles
    • Stimulates blood flow & Collagen Production
    • Helps stimulate cell regeneration
    • Temporarily Plumps Lips with one application

    *Based on an independent study with 30 individuals of different races and sex


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