The Coronavirus quarantine has put a strain on the way that we do things lately, but if there is one unexpected benefit, it is that many of us are finding a little extra time to do things at home. Though it might not be under the best circumstances, the period of self-isolation has proven to be a surprisingly good time to start some new habits at home while staying safe. This makes self-isolation a great place for you to begin really ramping up your skincare routine, so we wanted to detail out a few easy habits that you can add to your daily personalized skincare routine at home for some great results.


Use Moisturizer Morning and Night

The majority of us use moisturizer in the morning, but so few of us use it at night because it is so easy to forget. Using a moisturizer overnight can actually do quite a lot for your skin. Since you probably have a little extra wind down time in the evenings, take the time to give your skin a good wash and add moisturizer. You might just notice that your skin has a little extra glow after a few days. 


Skip the Makeup

Sure, it might be a bit of a pain to be stuck indoors, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from it. Since you won’t be going out, why not try wearing less makeup and really focus on your personalized skincare routine? This is a great time to do a full restart on your skin, and since you won’t have to worry about being seen without your daily makeup in place, now is a great time to let your skin take a little break too. 


Use Eye Creams 

If there is one great skincare tool that tends to get passed up on, its eye cream. When you are rushing to get ready in the morning, chances are that you are doing what you absolutely must do and giving yourself a pass on the rest. With the quarantine in place, many of us are finding a little extra time for our morning routines, so add in a good moisturizing cream that targets your eyes for some truly great effects. 


Drink More Water

Staying home in self-isolation has many of us living by different rules. It means that most of us are operating on essentials, which makes it a great time to pass up on soda and other sugary drinks and replace them with water. Water has many key benefits for your immune system and for your skin, so take this time to really boost your hydration. Your body will thank you!



Self-isolation isn’t a lot of fun and there are some pretty worrisome things happening in the world, but we can all use this time to help ourselves to grow and become better. Use this period of self-isolation to learn that new language, pick up that personalized skincare routine, and make yourself that much more prepared to dance in that sweet sunshine when this entire ordeal is over. Stay safe, stay happy, and treat your skin well!