We have more skincare companies now than ever, yet as a society we are experiencing more skin problems than ever before, WHY? Our founders knew they had to think outside the box if they were to truly solve our modern day skin epidemic. Prior to making the first formula (in their kitchen) our founders collaborated with multiple subject matter experts for feedback on the matter. This gave them a truly unique & balanced perspective on the global skin problem and how to solve it. Our Eclectic team of Herbalists, Chemists, Dermatologist, Estheticians, Nurses & Aromatherapists continually innovate new products and services to change the beauty world as we know it.


Most skincare products no matter how expensive or “potent” just sit on our top layer of skin, which is actually dead skin cells. Our products use Emu oil, a nutrient dense, super carrier oil that has been healing skin for over 40,000 years in the aboriginal culture. It is the ONLY substance on earth that can penetrate all three skin layers, including the protective barrier. Think of our products as a nutrient cocktail for the lowest living layer of our skin, they nourish, hydrate & improve skin thickness. Our focus is on skin health, not skincare, because if you give the skin everything it needs to thrive you treat the cause of skin issues, not the symptoms.


All Bellus natural formulas contain less than 6 fresh, potent ingredients. We believe you shouldn’t need 64 products in your routine to bring out the natural beauty in you. Our minimalist multi-function line focuses on skin health. Each product has a primary purpose and many additional skin benefits. Don’t take our word for it, check them out for yourself.


We live, breathe, and love the clean beauty movement. Our core mantra, Bellus Clean or BClean stands for the ethical creation and use of clean products that focus on skin health. All of our formulas are made without synthetic chemicals, fillers and water. This includes the sourcing of cruelty free, fair trade fresh ingredients. We continually strive to fuel this lifestyle movement, we’ve even created the world’s first clean beauty lifestyle tool, our app BClean. Download it free to empower your clean journey.


  • Nonprofits
  • Schools
  • Art Programs
  • Business
  • Individuals
  • Families

“We started this company with a mission to heal the world through skincare and it has become so much more.”


We are constantly innovating and growing. Our founder is heavily involved with the boards of cosmetology schools shaping the clean beauty future. Bellus even has a mentor program to help provide opportunities to up and coming clean beauty professionals.