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Bellus – Fresh Skincare

Why BEllus ?

Nourish skin at the

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Have you ever wondered why you always have to re-apply your skin product? Its because most products can’t penetrate the skins protective barrier; they just sit on the top layer providing temporary benefits. 
Bellus products use powerful super carrier oils to penetrate the protective barrier and nourish the skin at its lowest layer. Our formulas are carefully created to ensure the highest delivery of Anti-oxidants, Vitamins, and Essential Fatty acids.


No Fillers, Chemicals Logo

At Bellus we strive to keep our products as close as possible to the natural ingredients they are made up of. We are strong advocates of clean living and refrain from using fillers, chemicals and added preservatives in any of our products. 

Most companies use water in their products to reduce the cost. Bellus products are Anhydrous, which means the don’t contain water. This makes our formulas extremely concentrated and less susceptible to bacteria growth. On average a Bellus product covers 2x – 3x times more surface area than a water based formula – Click here to see –

Less Than 6

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 All our formulas contain less than 6 ingredients with names you can actually pronounce. We believe in transparency & quality, not quantity.

Our mantra is simple – what you put on your body should be just as fresh as what you put in it. We don’t make products to stock on our shelves. All Bellus formulas are made fresh, and vacuum sealed to retain it. 

Formulated by

handmade skincare - homemade organic skin care products

All Bellus products are Handmade to perfection. We follow the ISO 22000 (GMP) Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure perfection while creating our products. Our team is meticulous, and cares about each individual order. Everything is marked for quality assurance and freshness. 

Personalize a Product

This is for the extra special individual who likes things tailor made. Bellus custom blends takes our fresh skincare to a whole other level. Take our skincare quiz below. USE coupon Bellusfam18 for 25% off your first custom blend.


Handmade Custom
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