When you think about your skincare routine, most people don’t really think about rubbing emu on their faces. Yet somehow, holistic skincare product fans everywhere are starting to talk about the magic of emu oil. This bizarre new trend is leaving some confused and others incredibly curious. The more people who try this product, the more they seem to be raving about the benefits of adding it to their skincare routines. While it can take a couple of weeks to show a real impact, the benefits of this trendy new oil certainly seem to be drawing attention.

Emu oil is created from the fat of emus and has entered the skincare world after more research began to be done with it. The actual structure of emu oil allows it to deeply penetrate skin, which is only one of many reasons that it is probably so effective. This unique oil can not only penetrate the skin, but actually take other vitamins with it in order to deliver your skin a complete boost. This makes it particularly effective to use as a skincare product because it provides a deep level of moisturization known to help skin not only absorb water, but retain it. 



In addition to general skin moisture, emu oil offers some anti-aging effects as well. It seems to cause a visible reduction in lines around the eyes. Since emu oil has positive impacts on collagen, it has the ability to not only reduce aging, but also limit future age related skin concerns. There are also claims that it can visibly lessen the dark circles under eyes after a few weeks. It has known anti inflammatory effects, making it ideal for lessening swollen spots and making acne look less visibly angry.

As if that isn’t enough, emu oil is rumored to work some pretty serious magic on scars and on hair growth. The impact on skin actually allows it to help your body to replace damaged skin with fresh healthy skin in some cases making it ideal for stretch marks and other concerns. For hair growth, it appears that emu oil is ideal for helping to not only encourage healthier hair and nail growth, but it also helps your body to make completely new follicles. This means that you’re not only getting more hair growth, but more hair. In some cases, this can be beneficial for bouncing back from hair loss or just thickening your hair up.

Though it might not be the first thing that you would expect to see on shelves, emu oil is officially making the rounds as the new item that everyone has to try. It seems like it has enough core health benefits to help you regardless of what your skin concerns might be. Whether you are looking for a daily moisturizer or something for special circumstances, emu oil is probably worth a shot. 

This completely bizarre oil might just be ready to help you revitalize your skin like never before!

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