Looking after your nails is a must and that includes your cuticles, too. But, sometimes the cuticles can slip your mind. Don’t worry – they’re quite small – we will forgive you. 

Your cuticles do need some loving too, though. They play a vital role in maintaining your nails and are an important part of your skin. See them as a protective barrier. 

So, with this being said, we have gathered a few sure-fire tips to keep your cuticles in a great healthy condition.

Follow these tips and your cuticles will stay cute for a long time! 

To keep that protection strong, follow these six tips.


Don’t Cut Your Cuticles.

Many people cut their cuticles to give the look of longer nails, however, there really is no good reason to cut them. 

When you do this, you leave your nails open to infection. Ok, we know this sounds gross, but it’s true. See your cuticle as the wall in Game of Thrones – and the bacteria as the white walkers. 

If your cuticles are already looking damaged, we recommend using a cuticle oil concentrate

Our cuticle oil formula heals and softens ripped, rough cuticles. All this while hydrating the nail bed, too. 


Choose a caring manicurist 

Manicures are a big part of many ladies rituals, which means they play a big part in keeping our nails on point. But, let’s face it – some manicurists can show a bit of hard love. When this happens and they’re slightly aggressive on our nails, we can become prone to infection. 

Before your manicurist gets to work, ask them to only push your cuticles back a little and ask them to be gentle. If they push too hard, don’t feel bad in asking them to stop. These are your nails, so you should get the service you want – and deserve.  


Choose your nail polish wisely.

Like all skincare and beauty products, we always recommend reading the label and ingredients first. This goes for nail polish, too. Avoid polishes, which contain toxic chemicals like dibutyl phthalate and formaldehyde. These toxins can contribute to brittleness, splitting, and cracking.


Keep a nail file in your bag. 

If you live a busy life – with a hectic work schedule and social life, then your nails can face a lot of wear and tear. 

To tackle this, we recommend keeping a nail file close by. This way, you can handle the rough moments instantly. 


Show your nails some extra love

If you need some extra love for your nails, then try out our products designed specifically for your hands. You can also contract us for further help if needed!