Over the years, you’ve probably heard of many “life changing” tips and tricks that will completely transform your skin. From the early days of using toothpaste on your spots, to the more modern twists, like drinking a detox tea for a week will tighten up your skin and remove acne.

Then we realise they are bull.

But, let’s face it – we’ve all tried a quick fix weird hack in our time, to get rid of them pimples.

So, this week, our lab team – who try and test thousands of compounds and ingredients – have taken the time to bust 4 of the most common skin care myths.

Put the toothpaste down, it’s time to debunk them myths once and for all!


SKIN MYTH: If a product is expensive, it will work.

There are thousands of skin care products on the market, so choosing the right product for your skin can take a lot of time and research. However, a trap many people fall into is assuming – if a product is expensive, it must be better than the cheaper alternatives.

This isn’t true at all.

Marketing and branding play a huge role in the price of a product. Try not to just dive in and spend half of your wages on those fancy products with a popular brand behind it. Do your research first.

Yes, the more expensive products may smell much better, but the focus here is caring for your skin. Opt for products with natural ingredients and don’t worry about how expensive it is – if your research says it works, it works.  


SKIN MYTH: A good way to tell how you’ll age is by looking at your mom.

We used to hear this a lot in the 90s. Your mom would receive a compliment and they would then look at you and tell you how you will age well, probably followed by a squeeze of the cheek or a interrogation of if you have a boyfriend yet!

Firstly, yes, genes are huge when it comes to your skin and other aspects, but, your skin is being affected differently to how your mom’s skin was growing up.

We now take more care of our skin and our diet is much more advanced than it was in the 60s/70s. The lifestyle comparisons alone are more than enough to say that – no – your mom’s skin care will not be exactly like yours.


SKIN MYTH: If it’s cloudy, you do not need sunscreen.

This myth is still extremely common and needs to be busted ASAP!

UV radiation is the element that burns our skin and damages it. But, UV radiation isn’t anything to do with the temperature or cloudy weather, it comes purely from the sun. UV radiation can easily get through thin clouds, meaning your skin is still at risk.

Also, don’t think that – just because you haven’t burned – your skin hasn’t been damaged. UV radiation is still hurting your skin. Try to keep sunscreen close to you and in your products cupboard. Yes, we know it can be difficult to locate during the winter months, but that’s one of the beauties of the world wide web – you can get anything!

No excuses. Protect that skin.


SKIN MYTH: Your pores can open, close and change in size

Let’s try a little test: How many skincare products have you heard will “shrink” your pores? In fact, how many of them products have you purchased? Don’t worry, millions of people have done the same. The reason for us falling into this myth is because it’s been around for a long long time. So many brands have promised their product will reduce pore size and sadly it’s not true at all.

The reason is that your pore sizes is something that you got from your momma (and other ancestors!) – it’s genetic.

Yes, using slightly warm water during your cleanse can help to ease out the nasty oils, but the whole – extreme hot wash then extreme cold wash is doing nothing but irritating your skin.

Use cleansers that focus on removing oils from your skin like our Rose Facial Cleanser.



We’ve only tackled 4 skin care myths, here. There are thousands more! The best way to battle them is to research products and research your skin type.

See what others are using with your skin type or skin issue. This will give you a great basis to work from!