Exfoliating is just as important as your cup of morning coffee— YES, we said it! It is an absolutely necessary part of your everyday routine! You may already use an exfoliator on your face, so why not use one on your body as well sounds logical?! Body scrubs are a highly effective way to make sure your skin is getting the exfoliation it needs & deserves. There are two most-commonly used types of scrubs that we are going to talk about today — sugar or salt. Are you salty or sweet? … & which one is best for you? Here’s the scoop: Both sugar and salt scrubs are great for exfoliation, as well as maintaining a healthy skincare routine. The main difference between these two types of scrubs is the size of the exfoliating granules. Comparison Sugar vs Salt Scrub Salt: Salt scrubs are great for buffing away dead skin cells, which in the long-run will leave your skin feeling FAB — smooth as a baby’s bottom! Salt itself is by nature “detoxifying” to the skin, which is why it is a great option for foot and hand soaks. Salt is also a natural antiseptic, and slows the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. The granules found in salt scrubs tend to be larger than those in sugar scrubs, which make them great for tackling the rougher areas. Say GOODBYE to cracked calluses on your feet, elbows, & ankles! Best for: elbows, knees, feet, calluses Sugar: On the other hand, sugar tends to include smaller granules that are much gentler on the skin. Although it is safe to be used all over the body, this type of scrub is better used on more delicate areas- shaved legs, lips, arms, etc. Sugar itself is a natural humectant, meaning it is able to retain moisture and keep your skin hydrated. HELLO smooth polished skin — ladies can I get a hallelujah? Best for: sensitive skin, freshly-shaved legs, can be used all over the body