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100% Natural Personalized Body Product


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Personalized Body Product

Bellus Personalized Body Product are about to take your skincare routine to a whole other level. Each body blend (Balms, Butters, Scrubs. Hand & Foot) is customized to your age, sex, skin type, tone, concerns and scent preference creating the ultimate synergy with your skin. If you have already taken our skincare quiz please select the product type it generated from the drop down menu, and we will do the rest. ****If you have not taken the personalization quiz please do so now before ordering. CLICK HERE  

Each facial blend uses super carrier oils, exotic butters, and essential oils to provide a truly unique experience

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Custom Product

Body Balm, Body Butter, Body Scrub, Hand & Foot



  • Hydrates and Soften
  • Detox and Exfoliate
  • Plumps &  Nourish Skin
  • Creates a protective barrier to protect skin
  • Helps with dry skin, eczema and psoriasis

Based on an independent study of different body products with 30 unique individuals


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