When it comes to posing for pictures, social media has made different trends more popular than others. One popular trend that took the picture posing world by Storm was none other than the infamous pout pose. While people sometimes confuse this with the infamous duck lips, the pout pose is actually a less in your face derivative of that very look. This version is more mild and ready to make you look cute and powerful.


What Is The Pout Pose?

The pout pose is a pose that involves making pouty lips at a camera in any capacity. The most popular versions of this involve looking haughtily into the camera or even looking away wistfully instead. These popular approaches give you the effect of either looking delightfully pouty or slightly pouty and bored. While it might sound a little silly, the results are certainly worth a second look. Somehow this pose seems to work well for everyone, and can even be manipulated to be more entertaining. Don’t hesitate to let yourself have fun with this one.


What Made The Pout Pose Popular?

The pout pose was made popular purely because of how perfect it is for social media. Something about this pose does an excellent job of representing the right amount of attitude using a position that more than emphasizes the lips. The result is an attractive sort of disagreement that seems to compel the audience to make it up to the wearer. Silly it might be, but it’s still a total look.

You can leverage this look to go anywhere from petulant to inviting depending on how you use it. It’s a fun pose that everyone should have in their arsenal because it is a quintessential example of good poses for social media.


Is The Pout Pose Back?

The pout pose never quite left, but it’s certainly making its rounds once again. The original duck lips version was quickly laughed out if house and home after being endlessly ridiculed and mocked, but this more subtle variation allowed for models to pose and throw a little attitude at the same time with stunning results.

It’s easy to see why people are starting to latch back onto the pose now that we’ve all found a way to make it look less over the top. The subtle, refined pout pose is becoming increasingly popular on sites like Instagram, and we have to admit that the results are pretty amazing.



When it comes to finding the right pose for a picture, there are some options that will almost always be a good call. While you won’t be using this particular pose at a funeral, you can certainly leverage it for any social media photo. This one works particularly well when it comes to just about any photo on a night out or at a fun event. It’s a carefree way to tell the world that you have arrived and you are not to be trifled with.

You can easily practice this one in the mirror, and you probably should, because it is without question coming back.