When it comes to health and beauty products, consumers are becoming more aware of what is being added to their products than ever before. One common addition to beauty products that has been taking a lot of heat lately is the use of parabens. These unnatural fillers are added to plenty of health and beauty products despite the fact that the body definitely does not have an actual need for them.

Though they have been in our products for ages, people are beginning to realize that these unnatural components are something that we shouldn’t be exposing ourselves to. In this article, we will discuss what parabens really are and what your favorite face wash might be doing to your skin.

From a functional perspective, parabens are preservatives. This is why so many companies use them. These chemical additions make it possible for products to stay on the shelves longer. Now, if you know anything about health and wellness, you know that preservatives generally aren’t a good thing. In the case of parabens, they really are not. In truth, companies rely on these parabens to save them money at the cost of your physical health. Though it is a good thing that your face wash won’t be growing obscure bacteria, the truth is that parabens are toxic. When we use them in products, they get passed onto us, sometimes entering our bodies in a way that can compromise our bodily health.

Paraben-Free Products

If you have been shopping for products lately, you will notice that a lot of companies are marketing their products as paraben-free. What is more surprising is just how many main brand products are not being marketed this way. Parabens, which have no natural purpose and do not need to be anywhere near your skin, can actually penetrate your skin and cause a lot of health problems that range in severity. On one hand, parabens can lead to skin irritation, dry skin, microlesions, and other dermatological disasters.

On the other hand, studies show that parabens can actually mimic estrogen, which can put people at a higher risk for cancer. These unnatural imposters can cause you a lot of trouble that can be an inconvenience or a potential health crisis. This is why so many people are becoming concerned about the fact that parabens are running freely though the health and beauty industry. The products that the majority of us have trusted have actually been exposing us to unpleasant and unnatural chemicals that might compromise our health.

Research Your Products

The best way to avoid parabens and their potentially harmful effects is simply to say no to them. Even if you have been relying on that one main brand product for months, it is time to focus on researching the products that you use. This is the best possible way to protect yourself. In fact, being educated on the products that you use is the best way to get the industry to stop cutting corners and place a more significant focus on providing us all with quality products. For now, you can start by looking for the paraben-free label and support brands that support human health!