So listen up, there are so many factors that contribute to dull skin — poor nutrition, sunburn, and not exfoliating your skin daily! Yes – exfoliating daily is critical to aiding in the skin lightening & brightening process. You might ask well, how? First thing to note, is that it doesn’t require chemical bleaches – peels or processing to lighten your skin. YES, there are natural alternatives … so let’s explore!

So have you ever heard that essential oils are as addicting as Netflix?! or dare we say coffee?

Okay — so when it comes to skin lightening, essential oils are our go-to! Essential oils have many necessary vitamins and minerals to revitalize your skin … you may ask, which ones? Our key lightening essential oils consist of the citrus & wood family! Our fab 3 are – lemon, bergamot & sandalwood!

Curious? Let’s take this a step further and explore each one …

Lemon: Lemon essential oil is one of the best oils for quickly repairing and lightening your discolored and dull skin. It contains ingredients that are well-known as natural bleaching agents (citric acid, limonene, vitamin C). Lemon also serves to exfoliate dead cells while promoting healthy skin to regenerate pigmentation & promote an even skin tone.

Bergamot: Bergamot essential oil encourages skin regeneration, which makes it excellent for preventing new scars from forming while lightning old ones. It is especially good at handling hyperpigmentation, as well as evening out your skin tone. There are so many reasons to LOVE Bergamot, including its ability to regulate and distribute melanin.

Sandalwood: Sandalwood essential oil contains many hydrating and moisturizing properties while it also is an incredible skin lightener, as well as keeping your skin smooth & fresh. Sandalwood also helps with hyperpigmentation on the face and body, while simultaneously brightening dull or discolored skin.