If you walk into Sephora or shop online at Look Fantastic, you will be greeted with hundreds of different skincare products – all fighting for your approval and purchase. 

All will say one thing – they can resolve an issue you may be experiencing. This could be acne, dry skin, oily skin – pretty much every skincare condition. But, let’s face it, everybody has different skin. 

We are all unique and it’s beautiful! 

With this being said, we are hit with one hard fact – no “off-the-shelf” product will be personalized to match your skin. 

Sounds quite hard hitting right? But don’t worry, there is an easy solution to this – personalized skincare!


Sounds Expensive – is it?

In this day and age, anything personalized is usually matched with a nice price tag, too. It’s understandable. The product has been customised for you and only you. 

But, thankfully personalized skincare isn’t going to cost you as much as you’d think. At Bellus, we offer personalized skincare products from just $45. 

Let’s put this into perspective. The majority of quality skincare products on the market are anything from $20 – $100. But, these products aren’t tailored to your unique skin are they? Where as for $45 you can get a customised product made for you and only you. 

So, to answer the question…it’s not expensive. In fact – let’s say you buy multiple off-the-shelf products, it actually works out cheaper to go personalized. 

That’s the “it’s too expensive” myth busted! Now, how do you actually get your product? 


How do I find my personalized product?

A personalized skincare product custom made for you? Jeez, it must be a long process, right? 

Wrong. It’s much more simple than you think. 

The first thing you want your personalized skincare product to be chemical-free. Nobody’s skin should have chemicals and toxic substances used on it. Any products with chemicals in them simply isn’t “personalized”. 

The Bellus Personalized Skincare Generator allows you to talk about you and your skin to professionals. We’ve created this software to help make the process simple and easy to use. 

All you have to do is answer a few questions and, before you know it, you product is ready to be sent to our lab! 

We tell you exactly what’s in your personalized product and how it can help you. 

So, let’s give your skin what is deserves – a product that is the perfect match. 

Use the Personalized Skincare Generator Here