Jade rollers are an innovative new dermatology tool that are designed to help you improve the overall health and quality of your skin. These amazing devices are great for improving the look and feel of your skin, and they are exceptionally easy to use. With these devices, you are always going to be a few minutes away from reducing puffiness, improving blood flow, and fighting off all of those pesky wrinkles. It is an easy way to encourage your skin to boost its elasticity and improve its overall appearance, so we wanted to talk a little bit about how you use them.

Begin by Washing Your Face

The first step of any skincare routine is always going to be to wash your face. You want a clean surface to work with. It won’t help to be pushing oils and grime around your skin. In fact, this could result in more breakouts for you, which is not what you want. Break out your favorite cleanser and get to work!

Use Facial Oils or Moisturizer

A jade roller won’t fix all of your problems, so you will still need to moisturize. Grab your favorite oils or use a moisturizer of choice. You want your skin to be completely primed for the rolling process, so moisturize your entire face and let it air dry for a minute before moving onto the next step. If you begin rolling too quickly, you will find that your moisturizer might end up distributed unevenly. Worse, you will get your jade roller completely covered in whatever you used, which means you have to be more thorough about cleaning it later.

Start Rolling

Now that your skin is all ready, the only thing that you can do is roll. In order to use a jade roller effectively, you want to choose an area of your skin and roll it back and forth, subtly changing the direction as you go. Use this approach across the entirety of your skin. You want to make sure that you dedicate the same amount of time to each part, and that you can really focus on areas where wrinkles form. Target your crows feet, forehead, and other problem areas. Avoid pressing too hard and spend a good few minutes doing this.

Clean Your Roller

A crucial but easily overlooked step of using jade rollers effectively is to wipe them down after every use. Your skin oils and moisturizer will build up on them, making it possible for you to be rubbing a dirty surface on your face next time. As always, take care of your beauty products.


Using a jade roller can do your skin a lot of good, and it is too simple not to give it a try. This is one regimen that fits easily into any skin routine, making it more than possible for you to improve your skin quality with minimal effort. Trying these devices is kind of fun, but you will stick with it for the benefits.