At Bellus Skincare, we could hardly contain ourselves when we found out that the cast of Friends are coming back for one more episode. For many of us, Friends is the most iconic TV show of all time. It helped us to learn, grow, and overcome many of the challenges that the average person faces.

Friends has seen us all through some hard time, but that isn’t all that it did. Friends has also made it possible for us to learn some amazing things about beauty, too.

To celebrate the upcoming reunion, we wanted to throw together some skin and beauty tips that we learned from the gang in Central Perk.

You Can Always Use A Tissue to Clean Up Too Much of Something

As we all learned from Chandler, when we were first introduced to his lip balm routine: you CAN have too much of a good thing. Fortunately, you can always use a tissue to tone down just about any part of your skin or makeup routine to recover when you go a little over board.


If You Don’t Know If You Want Straight or Wavy Hair — Do Both!

If Phoebe taught us anything (and let’s be honest she taught us a lot), it’s that one does not have to choose between straight and wavy hair. Most people tend to go one way or the other, but combining these two makes it easy for you to have a cute look that is the perfect balance between fun and serious. Curl a few strands in the front and tie some of the straight parts back for a perfect everyday look!


Neutral is Always in Style

One thing that Rachel, played by the gorgeous Jennifer Aniston, taught the Bellus Skincare team is that neutral colors look good for every occasion. Keeping things simple with nude colored makeup and natural lip colors can make you look perfect every time.


Always Protect Your Hair Against Heat

While this one might not be explicitly stated, the cast of Friends has hair that is way too perfect to be anything but styled. What is amazing is the fact that no matter what they did to their hair, it always looked great.

When you are styling with heat, you always need to protect your hair against it so that you end up with sleek and shiny hair rather than a total rat’s nest.


Skincare is the Key to Eternal Youth

We learned this while watching the show and we sure as heck know it now: skincare makes you look younger.

Putting in the effort to make sure that your skin is well-maintained now is the real key to aging gracefully. When we see these beautiful actors and actresses now, we know it’s because they did right by their skin back then. For us, this is just another driving force behind what we do at Bellus Skincare. Taking care of your skin today will help it look better tomorrow!


Friends has a variety of beautiful characters who are quite simply doing their best. We love this energy, we miss these characters, and we can’t wait to see what is in store for them. If there is one thing that we know for certain, it is that everyone will look amazing!