The Complete Guide to Natural Oil Cleansing

Natural oil cleansing is a method of cleaning the skin while helping to balance the oils that are already present. Natural oils such as avocado, coconut, and argan oil are used in combination with each other in order to achieve certain benefits that they provide.

The natural oil cleansing method can solve any problems that you have including blackheads, breakouts, dry skin, oily skin, and more. In addition, natural oils can also serve to add things to the skin that were not already there before, such as added moisture, glow, and radiance to previously dull or dry skin.

Contrary to what you might think when hearing the term “oil cleansing”, this method of cleansing the skin will not make oily skin worse. While it is true that oils should be used more sparingly on oily skin, it can work for any skin type when the right kinds of oils are combined for specific benefits. For oily skin, in particular, castor oil should be the main ingredient for an oil cleanse recipe, due to its natural astringent properties. This type of oil will basically pull out all of the impurities and excess oil from the pores of the skin, limiting its presence with continued use.

Sometimes referred to as “oil pulling” along with the term oil cleansing, the oil will serve to remove all dirt and impure substances from the pores of the skin. In other words, the oil pulls the impurities out and away from the surface of the skin.

The process of cleansing the skin with natural oils is very minimal, and only requires the ingredients you will be using and a clean washcloth. After you have decided on the combination of natural oils that you will be using to achieve your skin goals, you will simply massage a quarter-sized amount of the mixture into the skin. During this step, the natural oils will work to penetrate the skin with moisture and break down the dirt that lies in the pores.

After about one minute of gently massaging the natural oil blend into the skin on the face, it is all wiped away in one motion with a clean washcloth and warm water. For the best results, the warm washcloth will sit on the face for an additional minute before removing the oil. Natural oil cleansing is something that can be done once daily to cleanse the skin of all impurities, however, the best time to do this is at night before bed.

Although the natural oil cleansing method works best on clean and dry skin that is free of makeup, the oils themselves can also be used to remove tough makeup before actually cleaning the skin. With the ability to break down built-up substances like no other, natural oils are essentially an all-in-one product by removing makeup, cleansing the skin, and providing moisture with just a simple application.

Natural oil cleansing is not a new concept, either. Beginning thousands of years ago, natural oils were first used in Ancient Egypt by Cleopatra, the Queen of the Nile. When Cleopatra comes to mind, we think of the beautiful and glamorous style that she upheld for many years, and natural oil cleansing was how she achieved the looks that are still praised to this day.

In the burial tombs that were discovered in Egypt after this time, historians found mixtures of natural oils and lime juice that were used for grooming in the royal palace. With access to the finest materials of that time, the natural oil cleansing method was truly fit for a queen.

All the way across the world in Australia, it was also discovered that natural emo oils were being used by the aboriginal tribes. They would obtain these precious oils and use them to cleanse the skin naturally just like similar types of natural oils are used for cleansing now.

The fact that natural oil cleansing was used over 40,000 years ago for beauty and personal care really attests to the amazing results that it produces. From the Queen of Egypt to native tribes in Australia, natural oil cleansing has not proven to be a short-lived trend that will eventually fizzle out when the next thing comes along. This just goes to show that the natural materials that are given to us by the Earth will always be the most beneficial to use on our skin and bodies.

With that being said, using natural oils to cleanse the skin is much more beneficial than the modern-day soaps that are used now. Containing tons of harmful chemicals and preservatives that are not meant to come in contact with the face and body, these substances can cause more adverse effects on the skin than most people might realize.

The main ingredients that exist in most commercial facial cleansers and body washes that you will find in the grocery store include, but are not limited to, sulfates, parabens, surfactants, artificial fragrances, and other unnatural preservatives that are not found in nature. When used on a daily basis, these kinds of products can wear down the surface of the skin and expose the body to harsh chemicals that should not be present there. Some of them have even been proven to cause certain types of cancers over time.

If the ingredients in your everyday facial cleanser are capable of causing any kind of discomfort on the surface of the skin, this should let you know that it is not a good idea to willingly lather it on every morning and night.

Even though facial and body cleansers are used on the exterior of the skin, the chemicals inside of them will travel through the pores and distribute these harmful ingredients throughout the entire body. In other words, the list of damaging ingredients might make you feel good on the outside, but they are doing more damage on the inside than you might know.

So, why not switch over to oil cleansing instead? With the use of natural oils, you can achieve the exact same results as the commercially advertised products, if not even better ones. With the keyword in the natural oil cleansing craze being “natural”, you will not have to worry about any additives that might become harmful to your skin in the future. When it comes to natural oils, what you see is exactly what you get.

After all, modern-day soaps that include all of these unnatural chemical ingredients were not even invented until the 19th century, meaning that something had to be used for skincare up until that point. Whether you seek out a pre-formulated combination of potent natural oils like the Bellus Rose facial cleanser or try and create your blend of natural oils, you truly can’t go wrong with using these materials to cleanse your skin.

The health benefits of using natural oils definitely outweigh the comfortability of using the commercial facial cleanser that you might be used to. Natural oils serve to remove makeup while cleaning the pores of the skin and moisturizing it all at the same time, which is something that is hard to find in another type of cleanser.

All in all, natural oil cleansing is a perfect addition to your routine and even better choice for your skin health. If you have ANY question at all about natural oil cleansing, please reach out to one of our trained team members via email, or by phone 888.406.7570.