Ahh remember the good old days, when Blockbuster was how we got our weekend movie binges, Backstreet boys were at their peak and – well – using anti aging cream was strictly for the moms and older ladies.

But, things have changed. Blockbuster and Backstreet boys are no more and anti-aging products are now being pushed to twenty somethings.

So, what’s the deal? Are we just being fooled or do we need to start looking into anti aging earlier than we once thought?

Let’s get to the bottom of the wrinkle problem once and for all!


WTF happens during skin aging anyway?

Well, there are many different factors when it comes to our skin aging and they start early! In fact, Collagen production depletes by 1% every year after the age of 21. That’s the stuff that makes us look all girl-from-next-door!

But hey, aging is just nature. We can’t stop many factors – one being UV damage. Unless you live in a dark cave for your entire life, UV damage is going to happen – and it’s going to age our skin.

So, if we can’t stop it completely, let’s look at what we can do to slow it down early…


Anti-Aging in Your 20’s.

If you’re in your 20s, your skin is young. This is the perfect time to start the process of skin care to ensure we are one step ahead of the devil we know as “aging”.  

The process can start minimalistic, but make sure it DOES start. The best thing to do is research the high-quality products that contain natural ingredients to keep your young skin looking younger and fresh for longer.

You have time. That means you can spend time testing products and doing your research. Read  the skincare labels thoroughly to ensure you aren’t using the bad stuff. Also, don’t forget your sunscreen. Remember, the UV rays from the sun play a huge role in aging your skin, so, if you’re going to do anything during your 20s – use sunscreen.

You’ll thank us for it!


Anti-Aging in Your 30’s.

If the 30s are more your thing, then it’s time to get a little more serious. First things first is adding a high-quality anti-aging product to your skin care regimen. Look for a product rich in Vitamin A.

If you’re in your 30s, then it’s more than likely you’ve noticed a few signs of aging. Don’t worry – it’s natural, there is no need to panic. Try not to just bulk buy every anti-aging product you can find. This can end in causing problems for your skin and your health. Take your time and speak with a professional, esthetician or dermatologist to be sure you select the appropriate ingredient and strength level for your needs, and discuss the correct way to use it.


We can help!

There is no better time to begin your fight of skin aging than right now. Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s or even your 40s. Today is the best time.

We pride ourselves on our skincare expertise, so, if you want to talk more about skincare and what products would suit your skin best, then check out our Skincare Generator – it’s free!