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*Grand Opening of Pompton Plains Location

Meet our Co founders, Kristina & Michael Cimo. The High school sweet hearts both struggled with skin issues (Eczema, Dry Skin, Psoriasis). They tried everything from medications to specialists, nothing worked. After being fed up they decided to take their skin into their own hands.

Michael, who has a background in formulary and Kristina in all natural skincare: butters and oils, hit the kitchen. During testing Michael had a accident that covered him in oil. Being frustrated he cleaned up and went to bed. The next morning Kristina noticed Michael's Eczema looked 10x better. It was that moment they realized they had something special.

At first, they gave their oils out for free to friends and family who suffered from skin issue like they did. Finally it got to a point where Kristina had to quit her day job to accommodate all the order requests the were coming in. Fast Forward 18 months and they have a store & lab in Pompton Plains NJ, are in dozens of local salons and spas and work with some of the largest beauty companies in the world.

Bellus All Natural Skincare

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