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Meet Our Co-Founders

Bellus is Founded by two crazy dreamers & lovers of all things natural. Michael and Kristina Cimo set out to heal their own skin and in the process ignited a mission to heal the world through skincare. After suffering from eczema and psoriasis their whole life, they became fed up with all the steroids and prescriptions that did nothing for them. After a severe breakout on her eyes Kristina told Michael (who’s certified in formulary) to make her something that could help. They began to research and discovered that we experience more skin problems than ever before in our history, yet we have more skincare products than ever before. To solve this they needed a fresh perspective. After collaborating with an Herbalist, Dermatologist, Aromatherapist, Nurse and Chemist they created the first formula, in their kitchen. After a late night of formulating Michael accidentally caused a small explosion and covered himself with oil. The next day Kristina saw a huge improvement in the eczema on his face. She immediately scooped up the rest of the remains and used it daily. Five days later her recent eczema flair up was gone!! Little did they know that this moment would change both their lives and the skincare world forever. Bellus is now a global organization with 3 locations, a clean beauty lifestlyle app & dozens of professional spa partners.

Bellus Press

Bellus Press

“Bellus Revolutionizes The Clean Beauty Industry with BClean App”


“Bellus Revolutionizes The Clean Beauty Industry with BClean App”

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11 Kent Pl Unit 4, Pompton Plains NJ 07440, USA

11 Kent PI Unit 4, Pompton Plains NJ 07444, USA