The nineties were a fond time for many of us. Whether you were in elementary school, high school, or completely out of school, the nineties were filled with all kinds of exciting ways to improve ourselves with fashion and personalized skincare. Though the nineties have come and gone, that doesn’t mean that we can’t still learn from them. This is why we decided to bring together some fun beauty tips from this magical decade!


persnoalized skincare

You Can’t Beat a Good Face Mask

If there is one popular trend that we always saw in nineties films, it was the use of face masks. Fortunately, most of us look a little better than Mrs. Doubtfire when we put on a nice face mask, and even decades later, this trend is here to stay. A good face mask can boost your personalized skincare routine, and in this day and age, there are so many great products available!


Moisturizing After a Shower is Key

Though American Psycho technically came out in 2000, the book was released in the nineties, and if there is one thing we have to give Patrick Batemen, it is the fact that he knows personalized skincare. In fact, this popular villain is all too happy to remind us that moisturizing after a shower is crucial for nice skin. He might be totally insane, but you can’t argue with his results.


Too Much Product Makes You Greasy

Plenty of movie moms have been known to call out characters for using too much product, often reminding the young and hip characters that they look a little greasy. The fact is that we all go through this phase as teens and our teens are where these habits should be left. When it comes to products, less is generally more. 


A Little Eyeliner Can Glow You Right Up

Nineties movies are notorious for dramatic transformations among their female characters, and if there is one constant, it is eyeliner. A little dash of eyeliner can take you from being the mousy girl next door to being a total bombshell. With a hint of dark eyeliner, you will be ready to win the heart of any rebellious bad boy!


You Must Wash Makeup Off Your Face

In pretty much every nineties movie involving a girl who is growing into herself, there is the inevitable moment where her mom will tell her to take off her makeup. Sure, it is generally because the protagonist put too much on or isn’t being true to herself, but we think these moms just know personalized skincare. Washing off your face is crucial for clean and healthy skin. At the end of the night, wash it all off!



The nineties might have had some questionable trends, but there are still some pretty good beauty gems hidden if you know where to look for them. At the end of the day, it is important to remember that you should always take care of your skin, and this is true whether you are a nineties kid or not.