There are plenty of things that we all do that can have serious impacts on our skin without us realizing it. The cool thing about culture is that we all share ideas, but the bad thing is that we sometimes end up normalizing something that can actually be toxic because so many people are doing it. Most people have bad habits that they know are bad for their skin, but few people realize how many things are bad for their skin that we all think are fine. Your skin is a sensitive organ and that means that some pretty random things can impact it. We’ve brought together a quick list for you here to help your skin health.


You Don’t Wash Your Face Enough

This tends to be a bigger issue for people who don’t really get acne naturally. It’s easy to assume that if you aren’t breaking out and you washed your face this morning or did a quick makeup remover process, your skin is clean. However, leaving sediment of any kind on your face can damage your skin in the long run. Always take the time for that second wash.


Your Sunscreen Game Is Weak

If there is anything that plenty of people are guilty of, it is getting way too caught up having fun in the summertime and failing to manage their sunscreen. It is so easy to put it on in the morning and forget to reapply when you’re hiking or by the pool, but you have to use it correctly to protect your skin. If you aren’t already using a moisturizer with sunblock in it, you need to find a new one.


You Drink Regularly

Not a lot of people know this, but alcohol doesn’t only impact your liver and your mind the morning after you drink it. In reality, it impacts plenty of natural biological processes that effect your body. On this list is your general skin luster and elasticity. Drinking a lot of alcohol tends to make your skin dry, so please hydrate accordingly.


You Use Cheap Face Products

In this sense, we don’t mean financially cheap. We mean products that are made cheaply and have horrible chemicals in them that your skin should not be exposed to. Always look at the contents of your face and body wash. You might be surprised to learn that you’re using products that cause more harm than good.


You Touch Your Face Constantly

A major part of environmental concerns when it comes to acne is a matter of what you get on your face. Your hands touch everything. This means that it is truly impossible to know what kind of bacteria you are picking up. Try to stop touching your face and eyes to avoid causing any reactions or discomfort.



There are plenty of things that can negatively impact our skin, which is a pain because some of them are so easy to get caught up in. Fortunately, it really is just a matter of being aware of our actions and working on certain habits. If we all focus a little more on how we treat our bodies and what we expose them to, we can take active steps to do be better by ourselves and our skin.