When it comes to true beauty, certain iconic individuals come to mind. As far as learning how to be fabulous and work hard at the same time, few shows have come with more lessons than Sex and the City. The women in this beautiful, immortalized show are always available to learn new lessons and, most importantly, look amazing while doing so. They spent years as the golden standard for what women could be, and now, their lessons in beauty and poise are just as relevant today as ever. We thought that we would share a few.

Always Use A Good Moisturizer

When it comes to aging with grace and control, moisturizer is key. This handy beauty product provides a variety of benefits for the user, making it easy to see why everyone needs it. In addition to providing a healthy glow and leaving your skin looking fresh, moisturizers can have rejuvenating properties that help you to remain your skin’s composure and elasticity.


The Right Smile Can Work Wonders

In the land of beautiful and confident women, we learned that the best possible look for any woman is a vibrant smile. We’re not saying that you owe the world or that creepy guy on your commute a smile. We mean the kind of smile that comes with chasing your dreams and living your best life. It is always the right season to rock a bright smile that shows everyone that you are living your best life and nothing can slow you down.


There Is Never A Bad Time To Wear Your Hair Up

If there is anything that Sex and the City actively teaches, it is the wonders of wearing your hair up. You can easily get the most out of any outfit with a carefully calculated updo. If you’re planning a night at home with your friends and some takeout, let that messy updo show the world that you’re ready to relax. If you have a formal engagement and want to look that much more together, try a controlled updo for added effect.


Make Sure Your Makeup Is Set

When you’re constantly going out, be it to work or the club, making sure what your makeup stays where it is supposed to is crucial. A solid primer or bathroom refresher can work wonders here. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a few products to find one that works with your lifestyle.

Wear Bolder Makeup In The Evenings

Whether you’re going on a date or spending time at a nice restaurant with friends, evening wear demands a bold statement to be made. Wearing darker and sharper makeup is a great way to keep your beauty shining even in dim lighting. Practice some different looks to get the most out of your style.



It comes as no surprise that a show filled with such attractive people would have valuable lessons for all of us. If there is anything that the characters in this show taught us, it’s that beauty isn’t just about a look. It’s a way of presenting yourself that comes from letting your strengths shine through. But hey, moisturizer helps a little too!